College Sports


The department of Physical Education of our college is enriched with all necessary infrastructures for games and sports. Our college has courts for Basket ball, Volley ball, Hand ball, Kho-Kho, Kabadi, Ball badminton, foot ball and Hockey. Students make full use of these facilities. A 400 Meter track, long jump pit and high jump pip are available. A Separate recreation room is available for carom, chess and table tennis. A Well equipped gymnasium is also available.

Our Physical Director in charge, did her best to get the various facilities for sports and games. Special training is given to the students for the following games: Volley ball, Ball badminton, Basket ball, Table Tennis, Kabadi, Shuttle badminton, Hockey Kho – Kho, Foot ball, Hand ball, Athletics. Our Students are actively taking part in all intercollegiate tournaments organized by the Periyar University, Salem.

Our college students were selected for various sports and games during inter collegiate tournaments to Participate in the interuniversity tournaments. Annual Sports day is organized every year by conducting intramural matches in all games And Athletics among all students and prizes are awarded. More than 2500 students get competitive experience from the competition organized by the Physics Education department every year.