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Activity 1:

In order to create awareness on the importance of Blood donation among youth, the World Blood Donation day was celebrated at the Krishnagiri Collectors office on 22.06.2011. Out of 28 students who participated in this blood donation camp from our college, six of them donated blood.

Activity 2:

Under the Celebrating life programme and to create awareness on AIDS prevention and control, a special awareness session on AIDS control was organized in our college and RRC Manager, delivered a special lecture on 18.07.2011.

Activity 3:

On 29.08.2011, Peer Educator Training was conducted in our college premises by our Regional Manager for RRC and the RRC members from all I year classes participated and were benefited out of this programme.

Activity 4:

An interactive session with positive person was carried out on 29.08.2011, with the presence of  RRC Manager. A counseling session was also conducted and about 200 students of our college were trained and benefited.

Activity 5:

As a part of Peer Educator Training, about 15 students were selected as Peer Educators and an Orientation programme was organized on 29.08.2011 on behalf of all RRC members.

Activity 6:

To promote and create eagerness in blood donation, various competitions were held on 24.02.2012 in our college premises. Essay competition was held on the topic Role of youth in AIDS control and a drawing competition was also held under the theme, Importance of blood donation. Best contributions were selected and prizes were awarded.

Activity 7:

During International Womens Day Celebrations, a special lecture on Nutrition and care for women was conducted in our college premises on 07.03.2012 and RRC members were benefited out of this programme.

RRC of the college is taking active participation in so many social welfare activities through celebrating Life Programme. RRC members are participating in World Blood Donors Day Programme. The seminars on control & prohibition of AIDS, Importance of Blood Donation, etc., are conducted every year to create awareness and social responsibility to  the students.