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History of the College                              

 Government Arts college for Women was Established in the year 1992. The college is presently affiliated to Periyar University and full fills the educational need of girls students of Krishnagiri District. The establishment of the college has ensured social up liftmen and education in favor of the less privileged. The college was  named Annai Sandhiya Government Arts College for Women. As per the G.O. No: 800 dated 26/ 08/ 1993 and later pertaining to higher education Government Order No: 569 dated 12/ 01 / 1997, the college was renamed as Government Arts College for Women.

With the prime motto of providing premier education to the women community of the downtrodden domain, the college has grown avowedly to faster the literary enrolment. Striving to words achieving global competence and enhancing education. The academic responsibility of the college stated 1992 with 112 students (as per G.O. No: 66 dated : 23/ 01/ 1992) 9 Teaching Staff and 8 Non teaching staff.

The college constructed in of 5.28 hectares area were look majestic. The college has now emerged as a beacon light, enabling higher education with values to women in particulars. The functioning of the college commenced with the following four courses in 1992

1.      B.A., Corporate Secretary ship.

2.      B.Sc., Maths

3.      B.Sc., Computer Science.

4.      B.Sc., Bio Chemistry.

in the academic year 1998 1999 B.A. English Literature was started, in improving the eminence of girls students and with well indented measure MA English, M.Sc. Bio and BA Tamil were started under self financing scheme. During the academic year 2003  2004 and regularize during 2006 2007.

In the per suite of making education possible to every one and buy the sustained  and continuous effort, the college has taken commendable step in the 2012 13 by introducing the following higher education courses AS per Government order (MS) No: 98.

1.      M.A., TAMIL.

2.      M.Phil., TAMIL

3.      Ph.D., TAMIL (part Time / full Time)


5.      M.Sc., Maths

6.      B.Sc., CHEMISTRY.

It is worth mentioning that the college has 7 undergraduate courses and 4 Post Graduate and 2 Research program in department  of Tamil. In making higher education possible to all shift system came in to practice from 2007.

Presently the college is vibrant with 2500 students on roll and has been in the propos in bring academic excellence., generating intellectuals and employable citizen to meet the challenges of our nation. Government Arts college for Women a citadel of creative learning