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Vission:   Creating awareness, Conviction and Commitment to values through empowered and enhanced learning.

MISSION : Our mission is io create an amicable environment for the holistic development of learners, as Education is  the manifestation of perfection in a man.

OBJECTIVES : To make the students competent, independent and enlightened, our prime objective is to foster a positive attitude

towards learning and to attain perfection to achieve the following:

v  To enhance and empower the marginalized to meet the present day challenges.

v  To impart quality education and acquire technical skills and thereby enabling the non creamy layer student communities grab knowledge.

v  To develop innovative ability in handling adverse situation.

v  Enhancing soft skills through various training programmes to compete in the employable market.

v  To impart holistic education for the all round development of personality.

v  To equip the students with updated subject knowledge.

v  Orientation to faculty members are provided to impart standardised teaching ability.


History of College

The Government Arts College for Women affiliated to Periyar University was established in 1992 and situated in the heart of Krishnagiri.  The establishment of the college has ensured social upliftment and education in favour of the less privileged. The college was named Annai Sandhiya Government Arts College for Women as per the G.O. No: 800 dated 26/ 08/ 1993 and later pertaining to higher education Government Order No: 569 dated 12/ 01 / 1997, the college was renamed as Government Arts College for Women.

With the prime motto of providing premier education to the women community of the downtrodden domain, the college has grown avowedly to foster the literary enrolment. Striving towards achieving global competence and enhancing education the academic responsibility of the college started in 1992 (as per G.O. No: 66 dated: 23/ 01/ 1992) with 112 students 9 Teaching Staff and 8 Non teaching staff.

The college constructed in of 5.28 hectares area looks majestic. The college has now emerged as a beacon light, enabling higher education with values to women in particular. The functioning of the college commenced with the following four courses in 1992

1.      B.A., Corporate Secretary ship.

2.      B.Sc., Maths

3.      B.Sc., Computer Science.

4.      B.Sc., Bio Chemistry.

In the academic year 1998 1999 the course B.A. English Literature is introduced and  In the academic year 2003-2004 the following courses were introduced

1.     B.A TAMIL

2.     M.A ENGLISH

3.     M.Sc. Bio chemistry

4.     M.Phil Bio chemistry

5.     Ph.D Bio chemistry

In the pursuit of making education possible to everyone and by the sustained and continuous effort, the college has taken commendable step in 2012 and 2013 by introducing the following higher education courses as per Government order (MS) No: 98.

1.      M.A., Tamil.

2.      M.Phil., Tamil

3.      Ph.D., Tamil (part Time / full Time)

4.      M.Sc., Computer Science.

5.      B.Sc., Chemistry

In the year 2013-2014 the course  M.Sc., Mathematics  is introduced    

              The Prime aim of Government Arts College for Women is to provide the best education, which is an instrument of social and economic progress of women students.  Education is the significant aspect in building up a democratic society.  Keeping in pace with the global trend, innovative and creative ability are triggered by extending the curriculum relevant to present day need.  In educating the young minds many efforts are drawn in designing the curriculum, by the university which entrust an overall development of the students.  It has also opened up wide horizon of career opportunities and has also enabled the learners for the sustenance of higher education and exploration of researches. The curriculum strategy is updated, revised and reviewed based on the requirement of employability and feedback.  The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) necessitates reforms and enhances quality by extending judicious mixture of learned centered teaching and value based knowledge. In a nutshell our institution aims to generate intellectually sound and emotionally strong learners. The students are better prepared to contribute and take responsibility in their professional and working lives.

                  The institution has been striving to usher as a portal of learning and excellence.  It strives to transform the learners into citizens of tomorrows promise, confidence and competence.  The learning and the teaching community of the institution seek to explore various avenues to hone the skills perfectly.  In catering to the needs of all categories of students it aims at all-round academic development with humane, knowledge based learning and global outlook.

                  Library is a store house of knowledge.  The College is equipped with digital library for students accession in enhancing the educational needs and aspirations of first generation learners belonging to educationally, socially and economically backward sections. Our institution is alive in executing the responsibility of nurturing young minds into well educated citizens of the society.  To keep the students abreast with current trend and knowledge the college regularly devises plans in organizing seminars, conferences and workshops in the campus on current issues. The faculty and students attend and participate in national/international seminar, conference, workshops etc to enhance the teaching- learning process. To achieve our mission a balance in curriculum is maintained, with curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular aspects.